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G2R stands for “Give to Receive”. We are a Canadian company that specializes in supplying Reward Tools to help corporations achieve strategic objectives. We offer you the training & tools your managers require to effectively recognize desired performance & reward contributing achievements. You can select the products and services you require or our professionals can design & implement a recognition, incentive or loyalty program tailored to your company’s special requirements.

A recent study of 663 incentive plans conducted by the Consortium for Alternative Reward Strategies reported a median net return of 134% on incentive payout. That is, for every one dollar of incentive paid, there was a gain of $2.34. Source:CGA Canada Magazine

The British Columbia Government has calculated a return of over $27 for every dollar spent on their employee recognition programs. Results are measured in cost savings, production gains and revenue gains. Source: British Columbia PSERC

Often management struggles to achieve sales and service results without considering that employee satisfaction levels are key to their ability to satisfy customers. A properly structured reward program can help transform your corporate culture into a customer driven organization focused on increasing profits through improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Recognition & Rewards are some of the driving forces in building, what is referred to as, a successful "Service Profit Chain" formula. When employees are highly satisfied, so are customers. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are key to creating a profitable business. Reward programs can be structured to bring employee focus and customer behaviour in line with your corporate objectives.